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Take Home Goodness + Pilates Equipment

Shop quality Pilates equipment for your On Demand workouts at home! Browse supplements, body care, Shakti Mats and our special Sama Blocks. These Pilates equipment and wellbeing products are tried and tested by the Suna team to benefit your body.
  1. On Demand Equipment Pack - Pilates Ball + Flexiband
  2. Sama Blocks
  3. Shakti Mat
  4. Pilates Ball
  5. Flexiband
  6. BioFormulations OMR - Organic Muscle Rub
  7. BePure One
  8. BePure Three
  9. BioFormulations Pumpkin Seed Oil
  10. BioFormulations Rescue Spray
  11. BioFormulations Echinacea & Raw Honey
  12. Pilates Vouchers