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On Demand Equipment Pack - Pilates Ball + Flexiband

  • $35.00

Ready to work out at home with Pilates On Demand

Choose the combo pack that gives you the ideal Pilates equipment to add resistance and intensity to your Pilates On Demand workouts at home.

  • Ball & Band Pack - A Pilates Ball and a Flexiband
  • Ultimate Ball & 2 Band Pack - Add a higher resistance Flexiband to your pack!

A Flexiband is a safe and effective workout tool for all levels. The body responds well to different techniques, so adding a Flexiband to your workout can really help keep you in shape. Plus it easily fits in your bag when you're travelling. 

This lightweight Pilates ball is made from soft pliable PVC and is very easy to grip. Ideal for Pilates workouts for isometric holds (static exercise where specific muscles are targeted), leg and abdominal exercises and as an alignment aid. The nature of these balls mean they are also fantastic for modified activities for children and the elderly.

Diameter: 20cm when fully inflated. Available in silver.