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Functional Fitness Course - Pilates Instructor Training

  • $600.00

Functional Fitness by Suna Pilates

Functional fitness is a way of training that prepares the body for real life movements and activities. Bodies that are functionally trained find daily and less regular tasks as easier with less strain and pain. Functional fitness training with Suna focuses on using the correct muscles and sequences in your correct posture for all movements, focusing on the primary functional movement the body was designed for.

After mastering the Suna Pilates postural principals and applying them in class, functional fitness shows you how to apply correct posture and function to all real life movements/actions.

It is common to have periods of stagnation with fitness and exercise. This course will give you the tools to educate and help clients gain consistent improvement. Suited for all ages and stages it is great for anyone wanting to improve their ability to maneuver through life and gain trust in their bodies ability, stay younger for longer, decrease the likelihood of creating injury and enhance daily physical activities and sporting performance.

You can attend this course in our Auckland studio or online via Zoom training. If you have questions about this Pilates Instructor Training course, please email us or call 09 489 1978

Once you graduate you will:

  • Understand and apply movement functionality to the seven key movements we use to operate our bodies.
  • Understand the importance of Suna’s six wellbeing/lifestyle practices
  • Recognise and troubleshoot some of the pitfalls clients often struggle with during exercise
  • Improve the health, movement ability/physicality and wellbeing for you and your clients

    Learning modules covered in this Pilates Instructor Training Course:

    1. Learn what Functional Fitness is and how it improves daily life
    2. Understand how posture supports functional fitness.
    3. Gain knowledge in which Pilates exercises are great for functional fitness
    4. Understand ways to include functional fitness in regular classes
    5. Help clients gain strength, mobility and stability for daily life and movement

     See why people choose Pilates Instructor Training with Suna Pilates, and view our course timetable here. Please email us or call 09 489 1978 to book your place now.  

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