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SunaMen is an intense strength and endurance work that will focus on pushing you hard (harder than we do in normal classes) with a full range of primal movement exercises - squats, lunges etc - the aim is to get stronger and we are going to work you out like cavemen! 45 minute class - male trainer, strictly boys only, included in SunaFit, SunaDuo and SunaTotal memberships.

If you haven't done any Suna Pilates before you'll first need to attend a SunaMen Intro session. The best way to start with Suna is to to do one of our trials - see Getting Started for more information.

BOOK a 15 minute SunaMen Intro session at online - please add the appropriate booking comment :: 'SunaMen Casual Purchased' OR 'SunaMen x 10 Purchased'.

See Terms and Conditions for concessions.

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