Suna Minus 5 Programme


GET RID OF 5KG’S IN 5 WEEKS? Minus 5... that’s the Plan!

Feel like you’re carrying some extra weight, looking to get rid of a few kg’s? The first 5kg are always the hardest but you can! Dramatically increase your chances for success with the Suna Minus 5 programme. It will kick start your weight loss to create better habits for a healthier, fitter body and sustainable results.

About Suna Minus 5
The objective is to say goodbye to 5kg in 5 weeks.*

  • It’s personal! Your plan is customised to suit your body perfectly. We use comprehensive muscle testing to determine a plan for eating, drinking and exercising.
  • The programme is a combination of Nutrition, Exercise and Kinesiology - and what and when your body requires them. Nutrition is more than just what to eat, but when to eat as well as eating for your metabolic type, with a focus on intermittent fasting. This doesn’t mean not eating at all, it’s more about the times you eat and giving your body rest and recovery during the other hours. This may sound strict, but with Suna Minus 5 you will get ‘free days’.
  • The programme works to strengthen the body’s blood sugar mechanisms so it can deal with food and stress effeiciently and so it doesn’t have to hold weight but instead can repair.

Get started now, here’s how
Step 1: Purchase ‘Suna Minus 5’ online or in studio
Step 2 : Book your ‘Suna Minus 5 initial session’ online

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