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SleepDrops for Babies


SleepDrops for Babies 30mls - helps with all the different matters of why your little person may not be sleeping:

Settles Teething Tears

When infants are teething they can be distressed and restless, which can make it difficult for them to settle. 'SleepDrops for Babies' has additional homeopathics to help calm and soothe and to provide additional support for infants during the teething process.

Soothing Formula For Sore Tums

Sometimes the proteins in the mother's breast milk, or in baby's formula, can cause an allergic response and increase histamine levels. Histamine is an excitatory chemical that can cause increased alertness, a sore tummy, gas, colic - and a number of other digestive complaints - which can make your little one's nervous system fractious and emotional. 'SleepDrops for Babies' contains herbs which support a normal allergic response in the body.

Use 'SleepDrops for Babies' With Confidence

We know as parents you will want to ensure what you are giving your infant is safe, natural and easy to take. You can give your child 'SleepDrops for Babies' with total confidence, knowing that you are giving them a completely natural formula made by a team of Herbalists, Naturopaths, Homeopaths and Doctors.

Cief formulator and Naturopath, Kirsten Taylor, has been successfully getting infants to sleep using 'SleeDrops for Babies' in her private clinic for over seven years.

What Results And Benefits Can I Expect?

  • Your babies or toddlers getting to sleep and staying asleep!
  • A calm and happy baby due to additional support for common complaints such as teething or colic, that can cause your little one to be unhappy
  • Less or improved "tummy" issues
  • More sleep for you as a parent
  • Total confidence, knowing you are giving your infant a perfectly safe, natural formula
  • More “me time” for you, as you spend less time calming a distressed little one

The team of professional naturopathic sleep specialists are available on 0800 74 88 393 to support you.

For more information visit sleepdrops.co.nz

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