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SleepDrops - Essential Sleep & Stress Nutrients


People who experience sleep difficulties are often suffering from subclinical nutrient deficiencies. This may be due to stress, underlying health conditions, certain medications or lifestyle choices that use up additional nutrients. A subliclinical deficiency can be enough to disrupt sleeping patterns and overall wellbeing. Even if you have a healthy diet and eat from a wide range of foods, you may not be getting everything you need to maintain healthy sleep patterns. If you're not sleeping well, Essential Sleep Nutrients will naturally support your body so you can start to get a better night's sleep.

Children = 1 container for a months supply.
Adults = 2 containers for a months supply.


What are Essential Sleep & Stress Nutrients?

This special formulation contains Tart Cherry which is source of sleep inducing phytochemicals and potent antioxidants, Magnesium for the nervous system – to calm “over firing neurons”, Potassium, Zinc and high dose Vitamin C, along with bioflavonoids and other specially chosen co-factors to naturally support your nervous system and ultimately get you to sleep better!

All of these ingredients can be used up more rapidly during times of stress, poor dietary choices, lack of sleep and through daily living. Essential Sleep & Stress Nutrients are beneficial for targeting healthy sleep hormone production – which means better sleep.

Make Essential Sleep & Stress Nutrients powder into a delicious drink and provide for your body in a natural, nurturing way by replenishing nutrients, vital for your health and easily depleted in this modern world. Tart Cherry, a known antioxidant, is synergistically blended with Magnesium, Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids and important co-factors to ultimately support your sleep naturally.

Rejuvenate your body and mind while targeting sleep and stress resistance. Support nervous system health, energy levels and your immune system while assisting liver function and cardiovascular wellbeing with Essential Sleep & Stress Nutrients each night before bed.”  Kirsten Taylor Chief formulator

Order 2 containers now for the full adult dose (1 month supply) and start sleeping your way to better health and wellbeing.


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