Postural Analysis Level 1

$350.00 $700.00

Next Date: 13 May 2019  from 9pm to 12pm
Future date: 24 June 2019, 9am to 12pm

Note that our Rehabilitation Basics L1 course is on the same day 1pm to 4pm. If you choose to book both, you will save $100. The total cost for the full day is $600.

Qualification: Postural Analysis Level 1 by Suna Pilates

  • Learn more about Postural Analysis
  • Learn what questions to ask clients
  • Learn the Suna Pilates postural forms
  • Know how to explain what clients need, and build on or educate clients on their posture and exercise programme
  • Understand how to read a postural analysis in order to prescribe the best exercises for that client

    This effective course is only 3 hours long, and gives you valuable insights you can use to help your clients get better and exercise safer.

    Purchase equipment on the day and receive a 15% discount.

    You need to have completed a Pilates Mat course prior to doing this course.

    If you have any questions, or to ask about our next course email us now, or phone 09 489 1987.


    Gain an internationally recognised Pilates Instructor Qualification

    Our certification programme is widely recognised and our trainers are teaching all around the world.  You should know that with Pilates, experience and skill is more important than a piece of paper to deliver classes and to do them to a level that challenges people of all abilities and fitness levels safely. If you are thinking about doing a Pilates Instructor course with us in order to work overseas, our experience has been that Suna trainers only need to demonstrate what they can do to prospective employers to be offered a job.


    Find out more about Pilates Instructor Training with Suna Pilates.

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