Pilates + Sama Block Gift Pack

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Give the gift of calm and exercise with a week trial of Suna Pilates classes and a set of Sama Reset Blocks.

What is Sama blocking good for?

Many people live in a state of fight or flight (autonomic nervous system imbalance) due to daily life stresses, which causes problems throughout the body. 

Blocking can be used for those in sympathetic dominance / fight flight response / prolonged stress to calm the body into a parasympathetic state (the state where all rest, repair and digestion are enabled).

5-10 minutes is all it takes.

If the body is in sympathetic dominance and we “block” the pelvis. The body won’t initially recognize / listen to the signals from the muscles telling the brain that the pelvis is twisted. However, the body will step up the strength of these signals until the brain has to listen. The body is then calmed, moving into parasympathetic dominance allowing rest / repair / digestion - and the many other systems not accessible when in sympathetic dominance.

Evening is the best time of the day to use the blocks for most people and it's extremely beneficial if you choose a regular evening / night time that suits your lifestyle.

Our staff can show you exactly where these Sama Blocks need to be placed so you can get the most of our this technique.

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