• Pilates Classes in Mandarin
  • Pilates Classes in Mandarin

Pilates Classes in Mandarin

  • $20.00

Every week we offer a 45 minute Pilates class led in Mandarin by Pilates Instructor Vivian. Try your first class FREE!

Pilates is fantastic for general toning and fitness. These sessions use spring based Pilates equipment and are suitable for people with all levels of  experience, as all classes are fully supervised.

  • High energy, fat burning, body shaping, stress reducing
  • Full body workout every session, challenging and fun
  • Maximum 20 people in the studio

怀孕第6个月期间,我被查出了有妊娠糖尿病。当时我开始寻找更加健康有效的孕期运动方式。身边有朋友介绍了SUNA Pilates 的Vivian, 她专业热情的受课方式使不爱运动的我爱上了普拉提。开始上了两节她的课,我后背的疼痛有了明显的改善。加上SUNA Pilates 私教的专业理论讲解,使得我的妊娠糖高有了改善。我很庆幸能找到了Vivian 和SUNA Pilates对我孕期提供了很大的帮助。- Tiffany Xu


Vivian 将会解释普拉提的好处。- Vivian explains the benefits of Pilates


If you are new to Suna Pilates a FREE 15 minute Intro session must be completed before you start your Pilates classes. Book your Suna Intro session online or email us. See the timetable for Suna Intro times. 

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