Obie Roller


Do your muscles get tired from work or sport?
Do you want a way to relax and stretch sore muscles?

Whether you want a have a great tool for working out at home or looking more for health and self-massage the obie foam roller has many advantages:

  • reduced tension around the neck, back and shoulders meaning less headaches.
  • improvements in posture from placing the spine in the neutral position.
  • Reduced respiratory problems from opening up the chest.
  • Increased circulation for the whole body.
  • When used as a self massage tool after exercise you can reduce lactic acid in the muscles and reduce soreness the next day.
  • For athletes regular use of the obie foam roller will reduce injuries and increase flexibility.

obie foam rollers made in NZ using a unique process which avoids the manufacturing waste associated with imported rollers.
obie foam rollers use recycled plastic (over 60%) and are moulded in their finished form ready for you to get rolling.



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