• Kinesiology Special with Susie or Gabby
  • Kinesiology Special with Susie or Gabby

Kinesiology Special with Susie or Gabby

  • $125.00

Start 2021 feeling incredible with our amazing Kinesiology specials!

Get a 45 minute session with Susie for $125 or Gabby for $65.

Limited time offer, no refunds.

"I have been going through a difficult time in my life, which was presenting as an overwhelming sense of sadness and anxiety... Susie not only helped me to identify my feelings and how my body was reacting but also gave me the tools to re-frame my thoughts - so I am back on track and living happy again!" - Kat⁠

"My 3 year old son developed severe eczema at 5 months and was covered from head to toe in red oozing rashes. We tried everything from acupuncture, cranial osteopathy and homeopathy but I feel we've seen the most improvements since we started seeing Susie and Gabby with his kinesiology treatments. We now have a much more calm and happy child and you can visibly see new healthy skin coming through. We can't thank you guys enough!" - Maiko⁠

"Susie is awesome. She helped me look at some issues in a completely different way. I’d been feeling really down, low energy and generally yuck about life. I’m a working mum and was really completely overwhelmed. I’d tried lots of things (including medication)... I’m looking at life differently and really trying to focus on choosing my thoughts, because I now understand that they are the driver of how I feel. I feel way better and know that I’ve got support at Suna when I need it." - Sara⁠

"Through regular Kinesiology and some simple changes recommended by Susie I am truly amazed I no longer suffer from acid reflux and no longer take medication." - Les