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Alka Water Jug

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The Alka Jug turns ordinary water into alkaline ionized mineral water.

It increases the pH of drinking water from the nominal 7 to a range of about 9 to 9.5pH, which has many health benefits attributed. 'A radical new "Alkalizing" media that can raise the pH of water to the 9 - 10 range very quickly, but does not allow the pH to elevate to undesirable levels even after extended contact.

"Drinking healthy alkaline ionized water is a simple, most effective way to Alkalize, Hydrate, Detoxify and Mineralize the body. Alkaline water can slowly reverse the aging process, which is a gradual process of acid waste accumulation. It is very effective because the water penetrates deeply to dissolve and remove toxins from the body. There are many health benefits to drinking alkaline ionized mineral water."  Karin Ma - CEO of manufacturer.

Jugs available in white. If you are curious ask to see one when you are in the studio!