Suna BeWell



You know you need and want to do something to improve your health, fitness and overall wellbeing but you just don’t know where to start?

At Suna, we kick start your journey with our BeWell personalised plan to help you prioritise your own wellbeing focusing on all areas that will make you feel incredible. Set your goal and we will do the rest, completely personalising your plan focusing on six simple yet seriously effective lifestyle changes that can dramatically and sustainably improve your whole wellbeing.

BeWell uses Suna Kinesiology (a system of muscle testing) to build a plan specific to you, which will incorporate a combination of thoughts, breathing, hydration, nutrition, exercise and rest! All the essentials you need to be the fab you.

Book online or in studio.

Your Plan will tell you:

  • Your metabolic type
  • What to eat for your metabolic type
  • When to eat (which can be as important)
  • How many times a day to eat
  • How much water you need
  • How much rest you need (and when)
  • What type of exercise is best for You
  • How much exercise to do and when you should do it
  • If any supplements would be helpful
  • If there’s anything that’s not functioning optimally and how to fix it

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