Kinesiology Sessions & Offers



Use the drop down to select a single 15 minute Kinesiology Balance session or a 5 pack, then book online.

If you haven't done kinesiology with us before, your first session needs to be a 45 minute New to Kinesiology session.You can buy just this session, or take up the amazing offer below. 



"I have been having Kinesiology for a little while, off and on, now and have found it extremely beneficial to my overall health.  Just in the last couple of months I have been having it more often as I am finding the benefits so great. One of the biggest things it has helped me with is Menopause, I am no longer having hot flushes – AT ALL. I suffered quite badly from them so this is a huge result for me.  It has also helped with my tummy/IBS issues, adrenal fatigues and many other smaller problems, and my overall health has improved. I have been seeing Susie and Libby who have been absolutely awesome and very sympathetic and understanding. Highly recommend to anyone." - Karen


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