• Kinesiology Sessions & Offers

Kinesiology Sessions & Offers

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In a Kinesiology we use muscle testing to find out what your body needs, what is working well and what isn't - then we work to re-balance your body, mind and emotional state, and let you know what tangible changes you can make to enjoy fuller wellbeing. A well body looks great, feels great - and lives well for longer!

Use the drop down to select a single 15 minute Kinesiology Balance session or a 5 pack, then book online.

If you haven't done Kinesiology with us before, your first session needs to be a 45 minute New to Kinesiology session.

Kinesiology with Susie

You can also buy a Kinesiology Balance with Susie, and call us to book a time on 09 489 1987. Susie Cleland is extremely experienced in Kinesiology, and has been providing kinesiology balance sessions since 2002. Susie was trained by Dr. John Kaye, who is one of only two Doctors of Kinesiology in the world. 

Book your Kinesiology session now & rebalance your life

If you are not sure how Kinesiology can help you, please call us for a no-strings informal chat, and check out our client testimonials.

Kinesiology uses the muscle - meridian relationship to evaluate body function and identify any issues like mineral deficiencies, food types to avoid, emotional issues and physical damage or impairment. Kinesiology is renowned as a way of uncovering and helping the underlying causes of health problems.

Our Suna Kinesiologists can establish connections between imbalances, put them in order of priority, and determine the most effective treatment - sometimes issues can be resolved using kinesiology, right there in your session. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review