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Trial Six Pack - Reformer + Pilates Fit

  • $30.00

Buy your Six Class Pilates Intro Pack!

Discover our Reformer Pilates and Fit workouts in the Suna Pilates studio.

You will receive an Intro video where we will take you through the Postural Principles of Suna Pilates and introduce you to some of the initial exercises, then you can book your first class in our app. 

During your 2 week Pilates Trial you can try 3 Reformer Pilates classes and 3 Pilates Fit workouts to see which bests suits your body.

Here's what you get in your 2 week Pilates trial

  • 3 Pilates Reformer Classes
  • 3 Pilates Fit or HIIT workouts
That's $174 worth of value in this great Pilates Intro Pack! 

    Want even more? Add Personal Training into your Pilates Starter Pack

    Want to replace two classes with two Personal Training Sessions? Choose the $99 Pilates Trial Pack option. Personal Training is perfect to help you fast track your Pilates style and reach your goals sooner, or if you have an injury you want to rehab, need to boost your injury prevention - or have a baby on the way.


    Suna Pilates Trial Packs are for people who are new to Suna only (not returning clients).