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Susie - Master Instructor & Director of Pilates at Suna Pilates

Suna's Founder, Director of Pilates and Master Pilates Instructor is Susie Turner (Cleland). With over 20 years experience in Wellbeing, Susie is a well known and quoted authority on holistic health, nutrition, fitness, exercise, rehabilitation and kinesiology. To many people, Susie has become a personal hero because of the changes she has helped them make to their lives.

Susie is the Newstalk ZB and Radio Sport Holistic health and fitness expert, was a regular on the Leighton Smith show for many years, and has been regularly featured in publications highlighting her personal journey and how she has helped the wellbeing of thousands of people over more than 20 years – see Judy Bailey’s article in her Australian Woman's Weekly series on 'Inspirational Women'.


Susie started her formal training in wellbeing as a yoga teacher – originally trying Yoga to fix the pain that had resulted from numerous snowboarding injuries.  While Susie enjoyed Yoga it didn’t resolve her pain and while living in Canada a friend suggested that she should try Pilates. Changing and fixing her posture with Pilates literally changed her life by making her pain free, and started a lifelong wellbeing journey with a focus on also helping others.

20+ Years of training & experience in wellbeing

Pilates qualifications

Susie has a completely holistic approach to wellness that she has enriched and deepened over more than two decades in the industry. Initial training with Stott Pilates was followed up by multi-discipline courses all over the world and Susie founded Suna Pilates in 2000.

Suna Pilates is the combination of all of Susie’s knowledge - it's a unique form of exercise, which has evolved over 20 years. Suna is Pilates-based, with all the traditional focus on correct posture and breathing; but enriched with the latest anatomical and biomechanical research, plus an additional cardio focus through high intensity low impact training (HIIT) for cardiac health, as well as functional fitness and suspension training. 

Suna Pilates is designed to create long lean muscles, a healthy flexible well balanced body with a robust heart and lungs - to enable you to live well, longer!

Nutritionist & Lifestyle qualifications

Susie went on to train as a Nutritionist and Holistic Lifestyle coach - becoming an accredited Paul Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach and completing her internship with one of America’s top holistic nutritionists Dr Cliff Oliver a number of years ago.

Kinesiology qualifications in TFH & TBM 

Although the combination of exercise and nutrition is vital and powerful it still couldn’t fix everyone and seeing how important our thoughts are in achieving good health led Susie to Kinesiology. She qualified in Touch for Health (TFH) under Dr John Kaye in Australia in levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as in TFH Emotional Balancing techniques. Read the amazing story of what happened when she met Dr John Kaye

Touch For Health Kinesiology was developed by John F Thie in the early 70’s is a simplified version of the non-manipulative basic Applied Kinesiology originated by George Goodheart. TFH is the most widely used system of Kinesiology in the world. It is an amazing synthesis of recent western discoveries and ancient Chinese medicine, and is the precursor of all kinesiologies apart from Applied Kinesiology. It offers a safe effective way to maintain health and well-being. In Touch For Health we use muscle testing as a method of biofeedback to identify imbalances in the body's energy system. Using a holistic approach we rebalance the body's energies and activate the body's intrinsic healing process.

In addition to Touch For Health Susie is qualified in levels 1,2 and 3 of Total Body Modification (TBM) Kinesiology – having studied extensively with both Dr Kevin Millet (USA) and Dr Bill Donaldson(NZ) – who both learnt from the founder and developer of TBM Victor L. Frank. 

T.B.M. (Total Body Modification) is an advanced Kinesiology technique that was designed to detect and correct most of the known body functions. T.B.M. works on the well accepted philosophy that the body is controlled and organized by a biological computer. The biological computer of the body is the brain and the nervous system. T.B.M. uses a Kinesiology muscle reflex testing system and body access points similar to acupuncture to open the bodies Biological Computer and challenge the body to identify functional faults. Disease and ill health are patterns and programs within the body that are not organized or managed correctly. There can be many reasons for this, which will be thoroughly investigated. The identification and correction of faulty functional programs and behavioral patterns allows the body to move to a healthier more balanced state-to optimize healing, emotionally, mentally and physically.  TBM and has been taught throughout the world, largely to chiropractors, since 1978. 

The combination of Touch for Health and TBM is extremely powerful – Susie has helped thousands of people back to optimal health in over 20 years practicing and there are not many issues that she hasn’t come across, or can’t help with!

A rich life experience & holistic outlook

Called ‘a one woman powerhouse’ by Judy Bailey, Susie is viewed by the thousands of people she’s helped over the years as a guru of positivity, inspiration and motivation. Her understanding of what is needed to create a better lifestyle is very real and authentic, as her learnings have come from her own experiences, working on her own health, life challenges, and the very real demands of juggling a successful business, and her role as the mother of two growing boys.  


Work with Susie

Susie takes a limited number of one-on-one SunaSolo Pilates training sessions, by appointment only, at $250 per session. Phone the Studio to book on 09 4891987.
Kinesiology sessions with Susie start at $125 - click to find out more.