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Susie - Director of Pilates

Our Director of Pilates at Suna is Susie. Susie is quickly becoming a known and quoted authority on all things fitness and wellness related. She is the Newstalk ZB and Radio Sport fitness expert, a regular on the Leighton Smith show and recently featured by Judy Bailey in her Australian Womans Weekly series on 'Inspirational Women'. 

Susie is the co-owner and Master Trainer at Suna Pilates, a business she started 15 years ago. She is also a holistic lifestyle coach, a nutritionist and Kinesiologist.

Called ‘a one woman powerhouse’ by Judy Bailey, Susie is viewed by the thousands of people she’s helped over the years as a Guru of positivity, inspiration and motivation.

Susie is also very real and authentic – her learnings have come from her own experiences, working on her own health and the very real demands of juggling a successful business and her role as the mother of two young boys. 

Susie’s goal is to ‘fix and help’ everyone she comes into contact with. She has a completely holistic approach to wellness that came about gradually over a number of years. The more she studied the more she came to realize the body and mind are inextricably linked and that for true wellness you can’t address issues in isolation - only by prioritising ourselves and working to align our thoughts words and deeds can we achieve real wellness.

Susie started out in the wellness industry as a Pilates instructor – primarily to fix her numerous injuries from snowboarding. She successfully used pilates to alleviate her own pain and fix her body and then set out to spread the word and fix as many people as she could by founding Suna Pilates. But years of experience showed her that even the best and most natural exercise in the world couldn’t fix everyone on its own.

So she trained as a Nutritionist and Holistic Lifestyle coach - becoming an accredited Paul Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach and completing her internship with America’s Dr Cliff Oliver a number of years ago. After many more years helping people she realized that although the combination of exercise and nutrition is vital and powerful it still couldn’t fix everyone and how important our thoughts are in achieving good health. This led Susie to kinesiology and she is now a certified Kinesiologist, having qualified under Dr John Kaye in Australia.

Susie takes a limited number of one-on-one training sessions, by appointment only, at $250 per session. Phone the Studio to book on 09 4891987.

Kinesiology sessions start at $65 - click to find out more.

Susie Cleland