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SunaMen - boys only pilates!

SunaMen is an intense strength and endurance work that will focus on pushing you hard (harder than we can in mixed classes) with a full range of primal movement exercises - squats, lunges etc - the aim is to get stronger and we are going to work you out like cavemen! All classes are fully supervised and directed by a Suna Pilates trainer. Read our blog about why men need pilates.


Our Classes Are

  • High energy and hardout
  • Fat burning
  • Strength and endurance building
  • Stress reducing
  • A full body workout every session
  • Always fun and always challenging

    Class Info

    • 45 minute class
    • Male trainer, strictly boys only
    • Maximum 20 people in the studio
    • Book online - see timetable for class times - Thursday 7.15pm and Sunday 10.30am
    • $20 per class, or $180 for a pack of 10 SunaMen pilates classes - buy online
    • Included in SunaFit, SunaDuo and SunaTotal memberships

    Before doing any SunaMen classes you must complete a Suna Intro session to ensure you get the full benefit - click here to see our great offers for Getting Started

    BOOK a 15 minute Suna Intro session at online - please add the appropriate booking comment :: 'SunaMen free trial' OR 'SunaMen x 10 Purchased'.

    See Terms and Conditions for concessions.