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SunaBubs - Pilates for mothers with babies

Suna Pilates offers special pilates classes for mothers with babies. You and your baby are very welcome to come and join other mums in a pilates workout suitable for post-baby bodies. Dads are most welcome too, as long as they have a baby to bring along!
You might be wanting to get back into shape safely after pregnancy, or focused on re-awakening those core muscles for a stronger mummy bod capable of lifting baby and groceries while wrangling a toddler too! Maybe you are a long-term Suna Pilates member and don't want to miss out on your favourite fitness!
SunaBubs pilates is designed to correct and strengthening your posture through movements that are useful in daily life (like picking up your baby) in a kind and caring environment. SunaBubs is not a bootcamp class! We believe that after birth, a woman's body doesn't need to be pushed hard - it needs to be cared for and gently supported back to normal flexibility and strength.
SunaBubs focuses on great posture and correct breathing, and pilates exercises that are great for correcting abdominal separation, pelvic floor issues and getting your lower abs back online! We also focus on relaxing the mind and getting energy in the body to relieve stress. 

Book now - Tuesdays at 1.30pm

  1. Buy 1 session or a pack of 10 SunaBubs classes - 45 minute classes.
  2. Book your SunaBubs classes at ezybook.co.nz or email us
PLEASE NOTE : If you’re a current client you’re welcome to attend SunaBubs classes as soon as your baby arrives. If you’re a new client, the baby must be at least 6 weeks old. We will use your 'personal weights' if they are awake in class - SunaBubs is designed so that babies can be used in the session for resistance training. The sessions are designed to offer lots of variation for all levels of fitness. 
Post-baby pilates takes into account that mothers' ligaments can remain soft for 4‐6 months after birth, and breastfeeding can mean some postures should be limited. Please tell the instructor if you are breastfeeding or have any concerns, and do rest if you need it and skip any postures that do not feel right for you. Our pilates instructors are trained to understand the best ways to exercise a postpartum body, but you should feel comfortable about what you and your baby are doing during the pilates class also. 
It is essential that you alert the pilates instructor if you feel any pain or discomfort immediately. Thank you.

Please be aware that each pilates class will include babies at different ages in different moods, so classes will sometimes be disrupted and we will adapt the workout to the class on the day. If your baby is crying, please take them out of the class to settle. Also if they are at a crawling stage, they will need to be held so other mummies and babies remain safe.