SunaBestie - Share the Suna love & become a SunaBestie!

Flirt with your friends, family and workmates - create your own love triangle and lead three friends into temptation.

If they join Suna on one of our plans, you can embrace a 3 month upgrade on us – Oh La La!!

We can do lots of things to help you seduce your family and friends… vouchers for free trials, flyers, posters for your staffroom - or we can send you an email for you to send on and share the Suna love.

Come and chat us up in the office and we can hook you up! And if you don’t think you can find three but would still like to share the Suna love, we’d still love your help… put up some posters or send an email around to your workmates and we’ll give you a voucher for our next pilates workshop for free.