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Suna Pilates Wellness Wednesday

Do you want to feel better at work, or just have a bit of fun during the working day? If you’re based in Takapuna or nearby, we’d love to help.

We can come to your workplace on a Wednesday and run a Suna Pilates session for FREE during lunch time (or another time if it works better). Pilates is a great team building exercise for small companies or teams within large ones, ideal to get you through the middle of the week. We can do a session for up to 50 people.


A Suna session will

  • make you feel energised and give you focus for the afternoon
  • take you through a super fun pilates workout
  • be great for stress release
  • provide you postural tips for sitting and standing
  • give you exercises to reduce aches and pains from working at a desk
  • give you the chance to win Suna Pilates classes – we can run some fun competitions – like wall squats or blind-folded lunges!

What you need to do:

  • Email us to let us know you’re interested or let us know who to contact in your business.
  • Book your space and drum up some interest in your company
  • Wear your pants on Wellness Wednesday!