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Suna Low Back

Suna Low Back is a 30 minute reformer class specifically targeted at people who struggle to exercise because of back issues. The class will enable you to do exercise in a safe way and in a safe environment, stabilising your backs and reducing pain. As with all our pilates classes, Suna Low Back is fully supervised and directed by an expert pilates trainer and small class numbers mean you get personalised training at a fraction of the cost.

These spring based equipment classes use the top of the range pilates reformers.

Our Classes Are

  • Body shaping, toning and lengthening
  • Stress reducing
  • Full body workout
  • Great for rehab and reducing pain
  • Super effective with muscle specific exercises strengthen backs and other weak areas
  • The best way to workout with people who have similar issues and abilities


Class Info

  • Maximum 9 people in the studio for personalised attention
  • 30 minute classes using pilates reformers
  • Buy a concession - Suna Low Back $200 for a pack of 10 classes - buy online
  • Wednesday 8.45am and Saturday 9.30am.

Before you do any Suna Low Back classes you must a SunaSolo session.