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Come experience Massage Therapy with Esther! You will find it therapeutic and highly effective for restoring balance and vitality.

Esther is a qualified Massage Therapist with over seven years of experience. Her career started with a relaxation treatment focus and then shifted to high-performance and clinical massage treatments. She has worked with professional athletic teams such as the Silver Ferns, Springboks and Warriors.

Esther offers a range of massage techniques including deep tissue, therapeutic, myofascial release, trigger point and cupping. She tailors her treatments to address her patients’ individual needs. Esther takes a holistic approach to her treatments by considering external factors such as sleep patterns, daily stressors and training routines. 

Deep Tissue Massage - helps find the root of the problem within the tension that lies below the surface (45-minute session) $90
Sports Massage - promotes mobility, flexibility and recovery (45-minute session) $90
Pregnancy Massage - helps bring relief and relaxation to mothers both before and after childbirth (45-minute session) $90
Cupping Add On - softens tight muscles and tones attachments to loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue; brings hydration and blood flow to the muscle for deep tissue release; and opens lymphatic pathways for detoxification $0

 Bookings are available on Thursdays from 8am to 2pm

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Here’s what clients have said about Esther:

"Most effective massage in my life! Instant results, lovely relaxing environment and energy. Affordable pricing. I recommend Esther to all my friends!"

"I walked into my doctor's office and he asked 'where is your walking stick?' I exclaimed 'I have not been needing it as much since I've been getting regular massages.' I have been sleeping better, much less pain and much more mobility throughout my legs and shoulders."

"Esther is the friendliest, kindest person and makes you feel completely welcome from the second you arrive. I highly recommend trying cupping - it feels incredible and Esther doesn't leave any marks which is a bonus! ALWAYS a wonderful experience."

"I had my first full body massage with Esther last month and it was amazing. As a breastfeeding mother my posture had changed and I couldn't get my back straight. I had so much neck tension and loss of movement/flexibility from not being as active and I was really starting to suffer. Esther went deeper and was so much more thorough than any other massage I've ever had. I saw and felt instant results. I am now a regular customer."

"The best pressure and release I've ever felt through my shoulders!"

 "My arm got much much better after the massage and cupping. The friction cupping was a really amazing experience and I really enjoyed it. Esther knew exactly which part of my body needed massage and the pressure was the best I have ever experienced. Will definitely go back again soon!"