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SunaJuniors - Kid's pilates classes

Improve Sports Performance and Prevent Injuries

5 reasons your kids need SunaJuniors pilates classes for kids aged 10-14 years:

  1. Correct posture and gain awareness of correct posture and movement for their whole life.
  2. Build all over body strength, mobility and flexibility safely doing age appropriate exercises while their bodies are developing and growing.
  3. Gain core conditioning and learn core initiation to improve sports performance and reduce the potential of injuries.
  4. Learn the focused breathing techniques essential to the exercises that can help in every day life including managing stress.
  5. If the kids need convincing … boys think six pack, girls think toning! And did we mention it’s FUN?!



SunaJuniors Class Group Classes

  • Kids can try the first session for free
  • 45 minute classes on Saturday & Sunday at 12.30pm
  • Casual classes $14 
  • 10 classes $99 
  • Buy SunaJunior classes online or email us to book.
  • Book online at ezybook with booking comment ‘firstjr’

SunaJuniors Solo Sessions

  • 30 minute sessions with a trainer
  • Saturday afternoon sessions
  • SunaJuniors Solo casual session - $30 
  • SunaJuniors Solo 5 Pack - $140 
  • SunaJuniors Solo 10 Pack - $250
  • Buy your SunaJuniors Solo online
  • Book online at ezybook


See Terms and Conditions for concessions.