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Get Stuck In - Solo - 2 Week Trial

CONGRATS :: Get started THIS MONTH with 2 one-on-one sessions and unlimited classes for just $99! (normally $350)

Exercise often doesn't work - if the postural focus isn’t right the muscles can’t work correctly. Suna Pilates postural focus and correction makes it different and more effective than anything you have ever tried before. It quickly improves your body shape, toning and fitness while maximising your core conditioning, strength and flexibility. 

Here's what you get in your 2 week trial!

This trial is specifically designed to give you individual attention, gaining you confidence and competence before you move into classes and is the perfect start if you have injuries/concerns or just need to build confidence. If English is your second language, this is the best trial for you.

This trial gives you:

  • Two one-on-one 45 minute SunaSolo sessions (normally $85 each)
    Start off with a postural analysis 
    and assessment of injuries and tensions.
    Learn the key principles of pilates and how they relate to you as well as get started on initial exercises.
  • 2 weeks of unlimited SunaFit, SunaForm and SunaBlitz classes. Gain confidence and competence in a small group environment to ensure that you get the most out of every workout. 

Start Now

  1. Buy 2 week Get Stuck In - Solo trial online.
  2. Book SunaSolo online at ezybook.co.nz or email us
    (Use booking comment 'GSI-SOLO') or email us to book.
  3. Complete 'Suna Intro Form' NOW!
    (It saves you time at your Intro and if you bring in your completed forms!)


First session must be used within a calendar month of purchase.


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Once you've completed your trial, if you're keen to continue, the next step would be to sign up on one of our membership plans.