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Andrew Newman

Qigong course with Andrew Newman - find out more!

Improve your Mind Body Connection for your health with Qigong (aka Chi Kung)

Andrew Newman has had over 15 year's work experience as an acupressure therapist, a practice that is based on concepts in oriental medicine. Andrew has studied and worked in both the USA and South Korea.

Andrew is excited to support Suna Pilates members to feel great. He has had especially good success in relieving symptoms such as deep muscle pain/tension, RSI, headaches, sleep and digestion issues, prolonged fatigue and recovery from traumatic injury.

Andrew is skilled in tuning into the individual needs of each person. Recipients most often comment on feeling refreshed, clear and revitalised.

Sessions are fully clothed, just wear some comfortable loose clothing.

Here are some comments from some clients who have already seen Andrew at Suna:

"I’ve had lots of issues with sleeping at night – the work that Andrew has done with me has really helped, I’ve just had my first full nights sleep in years." Sienna

"Life is so busy with kids and I'm always running between work and their activities and struggle to keep up - feel like I've had low energy for years. In just a few sessions Andrew has increased my energy levels substantially, I feel great! I felt different immediately after the first session and come out of each session feeling like I've had a shot of strong coffee.. I'm addicted!!" Danielle in the office!

"I have had persistent digestive issues – whenever I eat I feel bloated and uncomfortable. I have seen Andrew 3 times now and already I can feel the difference. I’m not sure what he did – but it’s changed something in me, and I feel lots better." Sally-Anne

"After some crappy dental work I ended up with severe nerve pain in my face (still the worst pain of my life). I tried everything and everyone to get rid of it but without success. Andrew (whom I have know since he was born) fixed it in one session, he is amazing and I cannot more highly recommend him for everyone." Our very own Susie!

In fact, we’ve all seen him now and think he’s just fabulous!

Please visit his website for more information and contact us to make an appointment.