• Pilates Instructor Small Apparatus Courses - Flexiband

Pilates Instructor Small Apparatus Courses - Flexiband

  • $350.00

Next Dates: 29th May, 10 July, 21 Aug, 2 Oct and 13th Nov.

Note that we have four Pilates Instructor training courses on these weekends. Grab a two course combo and save $100!

Qualification: Small Apparatus by Suna Pilates

This course is for students who have completed and passed Pilates Mat Basics level 1 (preferably with Suna), who want to gain more skills to extend their Pilates Mat teaching with small apparatus to be able to offer more to their clients, attract more clients and maintain a client base.

Skills you will gain include:

  • The knowledge of how to successfully and safely incorporate the flexiband into Mat sessions
  • The comprehension of how and why the flexiband can be an important part of mat teaching
  • The ability to apply the flexiband variations to exercises you already teach/know
  • The ability to analyze and correct postures with the addition of the flexiband and to know when use is appropriate
  • The ability to create beneficial, safe, challenging and fun sessions with the flexiband
  • A more in-depth look at the equipment so a class can be taught just with this apparatus 

    Apparatus included: Flexiband

    • A great way to introduce your clients to new and exciting Pilates exercises
    • Keep your classes fresh by adding small apparatus exercises to your current practice
    • Add more resistance to build more strength, mobility and stability

    Do you want to add more variety of exercises and challenge your Customers even more? Well now you have an opportunity to take your Pilates Training to the next level.  Sculpt, tone and strengthen your body by adding a flexiband.

    And this type of equipment is very affordable to buy for your studio. Your clients will love the variety and there are so many Pilates exercises you can use this equipment with. Purchase equipment on the day and receive a 15% discount.

    You need to have completed a Pilates Mat course prior to doing these courses.

    If you have any questions, or to ask about our next course email us now, or phone 09 489 1987.


    Gain an internationally recognised Pilates Instructor Qualification

    Our certification programme is widely recognised and our trainers are teaching all around the world.  You should know that with Pilates, experience and skill is more important than a piece of paper to deliver classes and to do them to a level that challenges people of all abilities and fitness levels safely. If you are thinking about doing a Pilates Instructor course with us in order to work overseas, our experience has been that Suna trainers only need to demonstrate what they can do to prospective employers to be offered a job.

    Testimonials from our Pilates Instructor Course Graduates

    "I’m English but lived in NZ for three years and trained with Suna Pilates to be a Pilates Instructor. When I went back to England to go to Medical School I easily got a part time job at the David Lloyd Fitness Centre – they asked me to take a class for them as a trial to see what I could do and as soon as I’d finished the class they offered me a job." - Luke Anwar, England

    "I worked at Suna In New Zealand for four years before going home to Canada. The training I received was fantastic – I was offered a number of jobs at boutique studios when I returned home and now I’m looking at setting up my own Pilates Studio. I’ve looked into additional Pilates courses since I got home and none of them are of the standard of training I received at Suna. I’ve been teaching in Canada for the last 9 years, and I’m in great demand as a trainer." - Lauren Olsen, Canada

    "I worked at Suna in Auckland and then I moved to Queenstown and after doing a demo of one class with 3 people in it I got offered a job immediately." - Ana Tonkin, Queenstown


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