Metabolic Typing

For great nutrition, the first step is to understand your metabolic type, and to understand how your body deals with different foods, and which are the most beneficial foods for your body; which foods will help your health and affect weight loss - and which won't.

Healthy eating is not the same for everyone, so your health and the results you see from any eating plan will completely depend on what metabolic type you are.

For example: if we gave 20 people two glasses of orange juice, we would see really differing results. The Carbohydrate type people would be fine. The Protein type people would probably feel a bit wired and then generally get pretty tired.  Because even though most people would think orange juice is a good and healthy thing to drink, different body types react completely differently to it!

The key is to understand what metabolic type your body is - and then eat accordingly. If you don't educate yourself, you limit your choices.


Free Metabolic Typing Questionnaire 

We’ve got a free Metabolic Typing Questionnaire that we offer to all Suna clients. Complete the quiz, and discover what metabolic type YOU are.

Once you understand what Metabolic Type you are, it's just a question of understanding what types of foods and in what balance best suit your body in order to establish some guidelines on what is best for you. It's not about what you can’t eat - this is an opportunity to make more informed nutrition decisions, that will lead to long term health benefits.

We can explain what are good nutrition choices for each Metabolic Type, and how to balance your food intake for both improved health and excess weight loss.

Embrace and love your body – it’s the most amazing thing you’ll ever own… so treat it well!

Ask about personalised nutrition advice at Suna Pilates. We really don’t believe that there is a ‘silver bullet’ or quick fix to losing excess weight and maintaining a fantastically healthy body. But the good news is that we believe it doesn’t have to be hard, or painful!

Our interest is in teaching people ways to eat the (ideally high quality) foods that suit their bodies best - and that suit their lifestyle - in order to help them feel better, look better and live better (and lose weight when that is a priority). We believe that eating in a way that's beneficial for your body needs to be tasty and enjoyable and easy - we're not into judging what you eat, we're into finding an enjoyable way for you to do it better, so you feel great and good nutrition becomes easy.

We know from 20+ years experience with our Suna Pilates clients that it's the changing of small habits and understanding what different foods do for you, that get the best long term changes. This also allows us to easily make better choices.