Suna Wellbeing - Kinesiology

Re-balance your body & discover wellbeing

Working with thousands of customers over 20 years we understand that the only way to sustainably improve your wellbeing – not just how you look, but how you feel as well – is with small lifestyle changes, which can add up to big results. Regardless of what you’ve heard there are no quick fixes or beneficial fads that actually have sustainable results! When people learn this, they are able to start looking at lifestyle and make real change both physically and mentally.

All bodies are different, one size never fits all and bodies need different things at different times – that’s why we use kinestatic muscle testing to personalise programmes specifically for you, so we can tell you what’s right for your body, what’s good for your body and what will get results for your body.  Muscle testing enables us to do what is beneficial for a body – we don’t starve it or over-exercise it – we respect and nurture it while getting the authentic and sustainable results that your body needs to feel and look amazing and aging well.

Our focus is on you and helping you achieve your goals, to build a plan for you that will take you from survival to thriving with a clear and achievable goal, practical and achievable homework and lots of help and support. Your first session will include a simple assessment to discover where you are now, to help you lock in a goal that’s achievable, and to point you to the most appropriate wellbeing programme - which will be completely personalised to meet your body’s needs for complete health and happiness.

Looking for Kinesiology? 

A kinesiology balance can be used to improve or solve a huge range of issues from physical, to emotional and beyond! If you're feeling stressed, unwell or overwhelmed, re-balancing with kinesiology can literally help you change your life.

Kinesiology can reveal how your body is functioning and what it needs to reach its full potential. One size doesn’t fit all in terms of exercise, rest and nutrition. Qualified Suna staff combine insights from Kinesiology and Metabolic Typing to create completely personalised programmes that work with your body, for your body. We’ll tell you what’s right for your body, what’s good for your body and what will get results for your body.  With a tailored blend of nutrition, exercise and Kinesiology we can help you change self-defeating habits and feel calm, balanced, and vibrantly alive.