Which Pilates class is right for you? Hit your goals with Suna Pilates!

Pilates truly is an exercise that is good for everyone. All our pilates classes are equally challenging and will deliver equal results in fitness and muscle toning. Every class is a ‘cardio workout’ because of the controlled breathing involved in every exercise, which engages your core and optimises the effect of each session.

Teaching mind - body connection is part of Suna Pilates, so every class will add to  your mental calm and provide stress release. While you are working out, your mind will be still, focusing solely on each exercise. Suna Pilates creates a completely different mental state than jogging on a treadmill, where your mind can still go around and around on its own hamster wheel of things to do!

But which class will get you to your personal fitness goals, and work best with your lifestyle? Let’s find out!

Reformer Pilates may be best for you if:

  • You are dealing with injuries and using Pilates for rehab – for example if you have back issues and want to improve your core strength to relieve pain
  • You are over 35 and want to build a resilient body, and look and feel great as you get older
  • You have a deadline for reaching your physical goals – for example getting married!
  • You have weight loss aims for health reasons
  • You haven’t done much exercise for a while, aren’t comfortable at the gym and are looking for a little more personalised attention and guidance
  • You have depression
  • You have heart disease
  • You want smaller class sizes for more personal guidance and support

Pilates Fit may be best for you if:

  • You are looking to maintain a good level of fitness
  • You are in your 20’s and 30’s and want to focus on toning and fitness
  • You like workouts which feel high energy for a cardio vibe
  • You want to work with a variety of Pilates equipment like spring-walls, reformers, balls and suspension training to change out the routine
  • You want to walk into class without booking, and you want a range of times available for classes

Pilates HIIT may be best for you if:

  • You want a high energy low impact workout
  • You have limited time and want a 30 minute class
  • You want to sweat and see physical changes fast
  • You want to ‘mix it up’ with your Pilates Fit classes

It’s your Pilates membership – make the most of it!

The Suna Pilates team want to see you make a wellness commitment to yourself, and work on preserving (and fine tuning!) your body – for better health, improved fitness and a better state of mind.

We work hard to make sure that we have more classes than any other Pilates studio, and run classes at the times that work best with our clients’ lifestyles. We have designed our range of classes to help support the most common wellness and fitness goals, and we are more than happy to talk with you about which class will best meet your needs.

If you have signed up to Pilates Fit but want to target specific goals, you can swap to a Reformer Pilates membership any time you want. Want to add an extra fitness kick to your Pilates routine? Grab some HIIT classes and give them a whirl!

There is no penalty for moving between Pilates classes while on a Suna membership.

What’s more, we thank and reward our members every 6 months with a free One on One session to fine-tune your Pilates technique and postural principles. Make the most of these offers to get the most out of your Pilates membership! In Pilates, postural focus is everything! It’s what makes the difference, and gets you real results.

Get to know Reformer Pilates

  • Workout on top-of-the-range pilates reformers
  • Different class levels to ensure you are getting the right workout for you
  • Accurately target specific muscle groups for swift results
  • Reach specific goals faster – ie. Weddings, sports events
  • Excellent rehabilitation for addressing physical injury or back pain etc
  • Small class size of 9 or less for highly personalised attention & VIP experience
  • Specific pilates workouts unique to Suna
  • Effective breathing for increased core strength and a ‘cardio workout’ effect, detoxifying the body, and supporting mindfulness
  • Excellent for anyone over 35+ to support overall health and strength, and target any problem areas
  • Up to 50 classes available to choose from every week

What’s Pilates Fit all about?

  • The ideal Pilates workout for all-over toning and general fitness
  • Great for anyone in sports training and professional athletes
  • High energy faster Pilates to give you that ‘cardio workout’ feeling
  • Use the unique Suna Spring-wall Pilates equipment
  • Use the unique Suna Pilates Suspension Training to reveal different effects and zero impact resistance fitness training
  • Multilevel classes limited to 20 people to ensure you get one-on-one attention and personalised direction from your Pilates instructor
  • No bookings required, just walk in to any Pilates Fit class when it suits your lifestyle
  • Up to 50 classes to choose from every week

Discover Pilates HIIT

  • Pilates classes with fast-paced 30 minute sessions


Pilates is a journey – we’d like to take it with you! Have a look at our Pilates classes in Takapuna or get in touch now to ask which classes will work best for you.