Want to be a pilates tutor? Already an instructor? Get qualified in Mat Basics June 16 2016

Get a qualification in Pilates Mat Basics

Suna Pilates regularly offer a Pilates Mat Basics course. Whether you are just beginning your training as a pilates instructor, or if you are an experienced in forms of dance or own a wellness studio and want to add another string to your bow, this intensive course is perfect for you.

The course takes 21 hours over three days - and we'll give you one week's unlimited free SunaFit classes so you can get your pilates picture perfect. 

By the end of your pilates tutor course you will have developed the knowledge and understanding required to safely teach and adjust basic level pilates classes. You will be able to:

  • Teach fundamental Mat Pilates exercises

  • Understand exercises theoretically and physically

  • Verbalise exercises with versatility

  • Correct postures, principles & exercises effectively and safely

  • Modify pilates exercises for a given client

  • Teach workouts specific to a clients’ needs

In this Pilates Mat Basics course you will learn about: 

  • Pilates

  • Posture

  • Pilates Postural Principles

  • Basic Mat Exercises

  • Clinical Considerations

  • Session Construction

  • Teaching Practices

  • About Us

    Suna Pilates, and offers New Zealand’s premiere Pilates programme, established in 2000.

    The Mat Basics course is designed by Director of Pilates and Master Trainer, Susie Cleland, who is also a fitness expert for Newstalk ZB and Radio Sport fitness.

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