• Overcoming 'flight or flight' - How to escape living in a state of stress

    The analogy of a car is useful for explaining the effect of Fight or Flight on your body. Flight mode is our Sympathetic nervous system kicking into action, 'accelerating your car' - and Fight mode is the Parasympathetic system, which 'hits the brakes hard'. Two key nervous systems are acting against each other, so that neither is functioning well. We call this Sympathetic Dominance, as the flight instinct over-rides the functioning of the body's rest and repair processes. It results in stressed, anxious exhausted people... and we want to help!
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  • Suna's Autumn Seasonal Focus - Time to breathe well and be well

    Correct breathing is essential in autumn as our bodies face the stress of coming out of summer and the challenges of winter depression. Colder air naturally constricts, and we can experience problems breathing well. We're ready to set you up for a wonderful autumn! View Post