• Top 10 reasons Pilates is great for aging well

    Inventor of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, said "anyone who is stiff and out of shape at 30 is old, while someone who is supple and strong at 60 is still young." As you would expect, Pilates techniques and exercises improve balance, co-ordination, and flexibility - essential physical elements for all of us, but especially for those of us who are a little older. View Post
  • Excess weight refusing to budge? Here's the science of building strong lean bodies

    Generic weight loss advice only goes so far. We believe that it's far more important to follow YOUR body's needs than the latest fad. Using our Metabolic Typing and Muscle Testing with Kinesiology, we can let you know how your body wants to live. 


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  • Winter Seasonal Focus - Build energy for a powerhouse winter with Suna Pilates

    While autumn is a time to replenish our energy levels, winter is a time to become energy efficient and move with control. Our theme for winter at Suna Pilates is Build Energy. It’s time to be efficient with our movements, and as always, focus on doing it better, not bigger. View Post
  • Suna's Autumn Seasonal Focus - Time to breathe well and be well

    Correct breathing is essential in autumn as our bodies face the stress of coming out of summer and the challenges of winter depression. Colder air naturally constricts, and we can experience problems breathing well. We're ready to set you up for a wonderful autumn! View Post
  • Pilates, that’s just like Yoga… Right?

    While both Pilates and yoga are absolutely complementary, there are some major differences between these two types of exercise. We could talk about this for hours, but sometimes a simple comparison works wonders. Check it out!

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  • The magic of mindful movement & flow in fitness - Suna Pilates

    At Suna Pilates we have incorporated mindfulness into the heart of our proprietary Pilates classes. Our exercises take the traditional Pilates forms and add a modern twist, along with a deep focus on correct posture and breathing correctly. Find out why mindful exercise is taking off worldwide.  View Post