Express Pilates classes - Effective exercise for busy lives  February 05 2018

We're so rushed and busy with work and the school run and daily chores - and Auckland traffic doesn't help the equation. But how busy is busy?
So often, we aren't prioritising the things that really matter, and which truly make us happy and well. Family, good food, holistic full body exercise and inner wellness are all crucial pieces in the puzzle of life. How well are you looking after your genuine needs?
If you have read our blog about Designing a Less Busy Life, and know that your life is legitimately jam-packed with logistical challenges, our SunaExpress Pilates class is quite possibly the fastest, shortest, most effective workout you will find anywhere.

Fast track your fitness with 30 minute workouts 

Just half an hour long, SunaExpress are hard-out, high-energy interval training Pilates classes that include use of super effective equipment. 

Our Suna Pilates postural focus and correction ensures your muscles work correctly; so you get fast results.

"I lost 4kg and feel fitter and stronger... and it was so much fun! I'm totally addicted." - Jo

If you are injury free, and want to tone up and get fit quickly, SunaExpress Pilates classes are packed with exercises focused on strengthening and toning abs, bums n tums, thighs and more for great core strength and a fabulous body!