Smash the '3pm Slump' with Suna Pilates lunchtime classes! December 19 2017

The 3pm Slump is real and a lot of us suffer from this demotivating crash in energy mid-afternoon. Common symptoms include sleepiness and a sluggish feeling that normally hits between 1 PM and 3 PM.

We have all experienced it and generally our instinct is to look for a boost to make us feel better ... but we know most things we choose make us feel even worse a short while later.

No, chocolate does not help - like coffee, sugar will offer you a short term peak only to crash even lower a couple of hours later, possibly with the added burdens of a headache and dehydration.

It’s a vicious cycle trying to beat the notorious 3pm Slump the wrong way.

We have the right way to power up your afternoons!

At Suna Pilates, we know how to beat this nasty afternoon slump - we have intentionally put on pilates classes at 12 (SunaExpress) and 12.30 (SunaFit and SunaJump) to beat it to a pulp.

We want you to come in to the studio and use Pilates to give your body the right fitness fit. This will prevent the 3pm Slump from triggering, and your mind won't begin craving sugar and caffeine! Get the right fix and prevent the need for the wrong fix - your body with thank you, and your brain will be operating clearly and at full capacity instead of laboring under a load. 

Apart from understanding and educating yourself about the cause of this energy drop (it may be poor diet, work life balance issues, stress etc), exercising is the best and most effective solution to beat the afternoon blues. We will boost your productivity and ward off sleepiness before it kicks in.

Come in and try our lunchtime pilates classes and fly through your afternoon feeling incredible.