Open Day - Discover the Suna difference & do a Free Pilates Workout

The best way to explain why Suna Pilates is different is to show you. So, you and your friends are invited to try a 45 minute Suna Pilates workout at our studio in Takapuna - for free!

You can also discover the incredible benefits of Kinesiology, Pilates for Rehab, Using Suna for High Performance training - and chat with us about our Wellness assessments and how they can help you.

Join the event on Facebook & invite your friends!

Come on in and try Kinesiology at any time between 1-4pm.

If you are injured or in post-op recovery, come and ask about a Personalised Rehab plan.

Feeling flat, run down and short on energy? We'd love to explain Suna Wellness Programmes.

There is no charge to experience our unique style of Pilates. You will sweat, you will feel it the next day - but your body will love you for it!

At Suna we are dedicated to helping our clients create great posture - both in our workouts, and in daily life - because great posture is so important for your body. With really good posture your body functions better, looks better and is less likely to be injured. Let us show you! You’ll walk away from our open day understanding the postural principles and how you can apply them in your everyday life.

Another Suna focus is correct breathing - believe us when we say that better breathing can change the way you live. Come and find out why.

Please do take this opportunity to experience how Kinesiology works. This amazing technique can help anyone in their mind, body and emotional states. Often it has to be seen (or experienced!) to be believed, so we would like to show you how it works and explain this incredible method of creating a happier, healthier, calmer you. We'd love to have you along!

Bring your mum, your bestie, or that guy from work. Everyone is welcome to experience what Suna Pilates is all about!

Sessions limited to 30 people so come in early and chat with us.