Monthly Focus for April: Breathe & Believe – you can do it! March 23 2018

"The breath connects the mind and body; creating better, longer lasting results."

In April our focus is on building strength and stamina with louder breathing in flexion, extension and lateral flexion.

Building strength & stamina this Autumn

We will be challenging our clients in April to challenge themselves!

For greater strength gains, try:

  • Doing the harder variations of each exercise, even if you only do a few repetitions this way
  • Doing more reps of each exercise

To build stamina try:

  • Doing more reps of each exercise
  • Doing more variations of the same exercise in a row 
  • Making the slow part reeeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyyyy slow!

Breathing louder - for heart & whole body wellness

Let's lift the volume and breathe louder!

Loud 'Shhhhh' breathing works our abdominals for a stronger core. Core strength helps our posture, our backs, our balance... the list goes on! Plus a fit core looks fantastic!

Breathing powerfully and correctly also brings us real cardio benefits as it increases our metabolism and blood flow through our entire body, organs and skin – that's why we get that glowing Suna look!

The cardio benefits of great breathing technique and powerful 'Shhhhhs' also literally help build a more resilient, healthier, stronger heart.

Loud, powerful breaths build stronger and more efficient breathing mechanisms - and help tone the jaw, neck and face for a cosmetic 'face-lift' of the best kind.