Bootcamp Pilates – Boost your fitness fast with SunaBlitz! November 02 2016

Want to get fit and fabulous for summer fun? Get into pilates bootcamp!

Does an exercise class that lasts just half an hour but delivers epic results sound too good to be true? That’s exactly what you get with SunaBlitz pilates bootcamp classes.

Our instructors focus on posture and correcting your pilates form, so your muscles work correctly and effectively - and you get visible results, fast. 

This pilates bootcamp class is packed tight with exercises focused on strengthening and toning, so you can sculpt a beach body you’ll love living in.

No gain without pain, right? Wrong!

SunaBlitz is intense exercise, but it's good for your body. At Suna we believe exercise should not damage your body, so the bootcamp challenges your body (and you'll feel the ache!) but we don't 'thrash it' like normal boot camps do. The mentality of ‘pushing through the pain regardless’ and sacrificing form for force leads to muscle fibre damage and toxin build up - and sometimes serious injury.

We want you to be good to your body and build your core strength and fitness levels swiftly but safely. This is how you get to enjoy long-term health and fitness benefits!

Expert supervision from qualified Pilates Instructors

SunaBlitz bootcamp classes are small and well supervised to ensure you do each pilates exercise correctly. In bigger traditional bootcamp fitness classes there are normally lots of people doing the exercises wrong without realising it - and hurting themselves!


Our high-energy SunaBlitz pilates classes use interval training with reformer equipment. 

SunaBlitz is perfect if you want to raise your fitness level and tone up quickly. And, pilates bootcamp classes are more affordable than you’d think, at $8 each when you buy a 10 pack online – or do all the SunaBlitz classes you want for just $17.50 per week (no contract, no joining fee!)

Due to the intensity of these pilates classes, they are recommended for injury-free people – but if you have an ongoing condition you want to work around we’ve got plenty of other classes that will suit you.

Want to see swift fitness results? Have a look at our SunaBlitz Pilates classes or get in touch now.