Suna's Autumn Seasonal Focus - Time to breathe well and be well

Correct breathing is essential in autumn as our bodies face the stress of coming out of summer and the challenges of winter depression. Colder air naturally constricts, and we can experience problems breathing well. 

Breathe well, exercise well, be well


"The breath connects the mind and body, so correct breathing while exercising with perfect posture delivers better, faster, more lasting results." 


Using breathing techniques while moving trains the autonomic nervous system and empowers us to move beyond the all too common state of 'fight or flight', hyperactivity and adrenal fatigue when the sympathetic nervous system is engaged, to the parasympathetic 'rest and digest' nervous system which lets us feel calm, conserve energy and sleep better. 

Stretching and bending our bodies means we move the rib cage - inhaling with flexion and exhaling with extension. This breathing and the natural rib cage movement help balance the autonomic system, moving us from anxiety to anticipation, re-balancing our tendency to switch into flight or fight in the face of daily stresses.

Breathe your way into mindful exercise

Breathing correctly and moving correctly require thought, taking us into a state of mindful exercise where we can simply be present in our bodies. Ideally your body is in a state of controlled exertion while your mind is calm and focused on the present moment.


"When we breathe correctly and focus on postural perfection, our minds are still and we are present in each moment – this is mindful exercise at its best."

Suna's blend of traditional Pilates with modern techniques and focus on correct posture and correct breathing is the ideal mindful exercise. It requires a strong mind-body connection and the intensity of this clears your busy mind, leaving you mentally refreshed and physically recharged. We’ll make sure you 'Work the body and rest the mind!'

Recognise what your breath is telling you

When you find it hard to breathe correctly while doing an exercise this is an alert that the part of your body you are working needs attention and repair.


Embrace the changes that autumn brings - and breathe!