Why dudes should do pilates

Running not doing it for you? As men a variety of strength exercises is really important. Read this article by New York Personal Trainer Greg Sher to learn why. Here's his intro:

I've been a personal trainer in New York City for four years now, and whenever I tell new male clients that we'll be incorporating Pilates in our training programs, they all say the same thing: "Isn't Pilates for women?"
I tactfully explain to my client that Pilates is definitely not just for women. In fact Joseph Pilates, the guy who invented Pilates was...
A) a dude
B) a beer drinking, cigar smoking boxer who lived to be 84
C) a handyman who turned hospital beds into exercise equipment
You'd think that a man who was half pugilist and half MacGyver would be deemed quite "manly" in the eyes of most males, but apparently not.