Pilates for Sports Teams at Suna October 30 2015

If you are a member of a sports team (or your kids are), and you are keen to improve your sports performance and reduce your injury risk, look no further than our Suna Pilates Sports Team Classes!  

Our Suna Sports Team Classes can quickly improve core initiation, strength, and flexibility meaning faster reflexes and better sports performance. The classes focus on Sports specific exercises – that will strengthen your team in the movements needed for their sport and will correct posture diminishing injury risk… that’s why so many famous sports people all over the world who want the competitive edge are discovering pilates and incorporating it as a vital part of their training routine.

It’s time to improve your game… the Suna the better!

  • Team Classes
  • Times by arrangement
  • Maximum 20 people per session
  • $140 per session (only $7 per person)
  • For more information give us a call 09 489 1987