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Suna Pilates Promotions
Pilates for Kids

Stop the Slouch, Get off the Couch! Pilates for kids improves sports performance, reduces the risk of injuries and sets up good life habits by correcting posture and body awareness. First class free.

Suna Pilates News
Pilates for Sports Teams!

If you are a member of a sports team (or your kids are), and you are keen to improve your sports performance and reduce your injury risk, look no further than our Suna Pilates Sports Team Classes!   Our Suna...

Suna Pilates Workshops and Events

We have some very cool workshops and events coming up in 2015 – another great reason to be part of Suna.

Suna Pilates Shop

We are super excited to have our own online store so now it’s really easy for you to purchase your workouts, equipment, and other products.

Now open for business!